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Don't match the same bridesmaid dresse

Don't match the same bridesmaid dresse

In many cases, a few people wear the same clothes appeared like a real “disaster”, especially for girls. But this often happens at a wedding, because almost every wedding must have a bridesmaids, and each bridesmaids wore the same dress. To avoid this embarrassing situation, editing today to provide some Suggestions for the selection of bridesmaid group from head to foot.


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Bridesmaids dresses can be selected a mass-tone to move, and then further select styles, pink or blue will have good results. When you attend the wedding style is relatively recreational, not very serious, advised to choose a short paragraph, sweet bridesmaid dresses. Remember the bridesmaid dresses can also be under the care of the best man is dressed up, such as the best man in the tie with the bridesmaid dresses as a color.


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The maid of honor can also wear white dress! As long as don’t too luxuriant outweighed the bride wedding dress, not a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role. If the bridesmaids to choose the same color of the dress, remember the style must be different. Fastens with color of the bridesmaid dresses can work at neckline, skirt and other places, make different styles.


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If overall bridesmaid dresses the same, you can add some shawls and other accessories to show the different. Bridesmaid bouquet to the bride’s hand in such aspects as color choice had better have a soft shades of difference, so that can show both the primary and secondary but off color and not too exaggerated. Bridesmaid dresses with the bride wedding shoes can choose color, so it will be very harmonious.


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Also want to have subtle differences between the maid of honor, such as can do some arrangement in hand bouquet, quite “and but different”. Bridesmaid can also use this lovely hand flower bouquet instead. Can select a color in hand bouquet as main color of bridesmaid dresses.


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Bridesmaid can choose this kind of similar to the bride wedding dress style of dress, with simple and elegant. Choose the same style but different styles of shoes, it can let a busy wedding look relaxed leisure many a day. A lot of people don’t like and others wear the same clothes, the bridesmaid dresses can use the same fabrics made as shown in figure so different styles of design.