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Makes unique wedding dress

Makes unique wedding dress



Abbey Ramirez-Bodley crocheted her own wedding dress with the help of her aunt, Jennifer Wollard.

 An Arkansas City native was recently married while wearing a handmade crocheted gown.

Bride Abbey Ramirez-Bodley walked down the isle wearing a dress that was designed and created by her and her aunt, Jennifer Wollard.

“She taught me to crochet at a young age and did a lot of work on the dress — most of the harder parts, actually,” said Ramirez-Bodley.

The dress took eight months, $70 and two miles and 1400 yards of yarn to complete.

She said that inspiration struck as she was looking at vintage wedding dresses on Pinterest and stumbled across a woman who had crocheted hers.

“I fell in love with it,” she said.

There were a few things that she did not like about the dress that she saw, however, she knew that they could add length to the sleeves of her dress, if they were able to make it.

There wasn’t a pattern used to create the dress.

Ramirez-Bodley and Wollard started by making doilies individually.

Since the bride lived in Tulsa, Okla., the duo would meet on weekends and work to piece them together.

At first, they used patterns for the doilies, but discovered that it was easier to use their own designs so the pieces would fit correctly.

The skirt was the first part of the dress that they worked on, which was completed with the sewing of the band around the middle.

The next piece they worked on was the bodice, followed by the sleeves.

“After the dress was formed we added a strap in the back and a border to the bottom and neckline,” Ramirez-Bodley said.

When the dress was finished it didn’t feel any heavier than a normal wedding gown, according to Ramirez-Bodley.

The crocheted gown was worn over a green dress.

“I like that shade of green. I wanted an emerald wedding ring, so it matched that. I’ve always thought my wedding dress would have some color to it, even before I decided to make it. It also fit nicely into my fall color theme,” Ramirez-Bodley said.

On their wedding day, Oct. 27, the weather was cooler, but the dress was just right to keep the bride warm.

Ramirez-Bodley’s story has been featured nationally on Good Morning America, Daily Mail and The Huffington Post.